Heather’s Heroes Raises Over $12,000 in Less Than 6 Days

Less than one week after Lindsey Sells published a MedGift support page for her friend Heather Morris, Heather’s supporters have contributed well over their goal of raising ten thousand dollars.  In less than 6 days, Heather’s MedGift support page has raised $12,140 or 21% more than the original goal.  Of course, MedGift’s support page didn’t make this happen,  it was Heather’s generous support community that deserves all the credit.  MedGift’s role was to provide a resource that connected Heather with all those who care.  Check Heather’s story at Heather’s Heroes.  Please consider sharing this post with your friends. MedGift is the only not-for-profit, completely free, COMPREHENSIVE resource for connecting those in need with those who care.

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