Meagan Glover – MedGift Ambassador Extraordinaire

MedGift Ambassador Program

MedGift’s Ambassadors act as point people and liaisons to individual communities and personal networks regarding how to best utilize MedGift and its unique features for patients, families and advocates.

Megan’s Story MedGift’s focus is helping those undergoing medical and health-related hardships – our users are dealing with challenges much more complicated than figuring out to raise money to take a dream vacation. As a result, our ambassadors, who have practical experience with the complexities of navigating the healthcare maze offer invaluable insights and empathy to those experiencing a need. Meagan Glover exemplifies all the wonderful traits our ambassadors share: empathy, sensitivity and how best to use MedGift’s unique capabilities. Take a minute to read her story, if you would like to reach out to Meagan email her at, subject line: attn. Meagan

Meagan’s son, Camden has short bowel syndrome, a rare and serious illness that resulted from a Camden with volvulus the day after his birth. He has a broviac cathether designed to deliver nutrition/hydtration directly to his heart to sustain his life and a g-tube. In an effort to save his life Meagan and her husband transferred Camden’s care to Boston Children’s Hospital to enroll him in a clinical trial to start a medication to save his liver from the same IV nutrition that was keeping him alive. Far from home, and having to put Meagan’s career as a speech-language pathologist on permanent hold, the medical expenses were large. A close friend started a MedGift account for Meagan’s family to help sustain her family financially and emotionally during a very difficult time and while they sought treatment far from their home in the Southern US. ‘MedGift made a profound difference for our family, it’s was the greatest gift we could have received during our fight- and knowing Diem Brown‘s legacy was behind it all gave us the courage to fight despite challenging times.’

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