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Crowdfunding for Medical Expenses Best Practices

What do you do when you are faced with large medical bills?  Have you considered crowdfunding?  Here’s a great article from Bloomberg regarding the use of crowdfunding to pay medical bills.  Why does this make sense?  Well, when you are in need your family, friends and other loved ones want to help but other than flowers or cards they don’t know what to do.  So, consider creating a MedGift support page where you describe exactly what you need.  Share it with your support community and watch our generous they are.  If you haven’t heard of MedGift we are a not for profit,  completely free, refreshing alternative to other sites such as  Following are are some best practices for setting up and managing your MedGift support page.Crowdfunding Best Practices.

1. Have a catchy MedGift page title. For example, which sounds better “Kickin it for Kelly” or “I need help” The first one, right? You probably have already done that when you started this page …but you can change it if you like…now or later.
2. We suggest you include a personal photo of the Beneficiary – this really warms the page and helps to establish a connection with your visitors.
3. We have really made it easy to connect and post to your social media outlets – email, FB and/or Twitter. You should share your new page as well as subsequent updates with as wide an audience as you feel comfortable. You can do this and more from your “DASHBOARD”. To access your dashboard, just log into you MedGift account, select your page, and you are off and running!4. Ask you community to also “Share”. What we have learned is that when a page and comments are shared, your community engagement increases by nearly 5X ( 500%), When sharing on FB or Twitter as the organizer, you become “verified” and that seems to make people much more comfortable engaging with your page.5. Update your page frequently-– 1x /week at a minimum and share these updates with you social media connections as well. Your family and friends want to know how things are going, but often times don’t want to burden you by asking.
6. Add Photos or Videos. This will keep your page fresh, grab attention and invite compassion.
7. If you are looking to raise funds, the more specific you can be about how they will be used, the better. Also it’s best to start with a modest goal, but do not hesitate in asking for what you need and you can adjust up /down according to your needs. And don’t forget to enable your WePay account. This is where your donations will be stored. Whomever you designated as the Funds manager, yourself or the Beneficiary, will receive an email within 2 days how to do that!

8. If you are raising funds, it’s just like the tip jar, people often prefer to donate after someone else, and so we suggest making the first donation yourself. Our experience indicates this will jump start your efforts. And adjust your goals and timeframes as you are comfortable.

9. Use the Wish List to pictorially describe what you need or how you plan to use the funds

10. Please also explore the calendar. It’s a terrific tool to let your friends know if you would like help with meals, someone to visit or perhaps even walk the dog, transportation to an appointment, help with laundry or any other physical related activity. This has helped many other MedGift friends ease their burden.


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