Big Tips On Successfully Using Crowdfunding to Cover Medical Expenses

Crowd-funding is an excellent way to assist in the payment of expenses resulting from medical, or health-related hardships. No matter what web-based tool you use for crowd-funding, they all work essentially the same and deliver similar results. These short post will give you a guaranteed way to increase the funds you raise, so lets get started!

Regardless of the site you use, the process is similar:

1. Choose the website you wish to use (more on this later).

2. Sign in and create your page (some sites call these campaigns, MedGift uses the term “support page”).

3. See the previous post on MedGift Voice, for best practices associated with actually setting up your page. Once again, these tips apply to all sites.

4. Share your page with Facebook friends, email contacts and/or twitter followers; anyone you feel may be a part of your support community. The success of your campaign is directly related to the size of your support community. How willing those in your community are to share your story with their friends as well, will also play a very important role. This is the secret to raising the money you need. (more on this at the end of the article.)

5. Update your page with frequent status reports, to keep your community updated on the status of you or the beneficiary of the page.

6. As visitors come to your page and donate, their donations will be deposited into your bank account.

So how do you choose which crowd-funding site to use if they all offer similar capabilities? First, consider MedGift, a 501(c)3 organization offering a completely free service; Medgift is run by a team of individuals with a passion to help and serve others.

Okay so whats the big tip? Enlist a friend to help, and set up two pages on different sites. Assume you are setting the page up for a son or daughter. You will create your initial page on MedGift, and then share it with your support community. Next, contact your friends and family – preferably those with larger numbers of Facebook friends – to help you set up a second page for your loved one on a different site. This person will share this page with their support community. By doing this, you can double the number of individuals with awareness of your need. This in turn, will also double the number of donations you receive (approximately of course). Taking these simple steps can be easy, and can guarantee your fundraising success.

Check out MedGift today, and find out why we are refreshingly different!

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