Coordinating Care Using MedGift’s Support Calendar

MedGift’s unique support pages provide a comprehensive solution for those undergoing medical or health-related hardships. Our unique support pages provide tools for addressing the financial, emotional and logistical needs that may arise during your journey. These tools may be used together or separately to tailor the support page so it addresses your specific needs. Once created, the support page is shared with your friends and family, your support community, so they know exactly the support you need.

Adding a MedGift Calendar to your support page is an easy and simple way to coordinate care for physical activities.  First, enter your logistical needs such as transportation, meals, help with household chores or any tasks on the calendar.  Your support community can then quickly and easily identify your needs, sign up for those activities they can address and even get reminders to ensure needs are seamlessly met.

The MedGift Support Calendar is safe and secure too. Visitors to your support page can see you have a Calendar but they can’t access it until they have requested permission and you or your care organizer has approved their request.

MedGift support pages are completely free to setup and use. MedGift is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping those in need connect with those who care.

The information presented on MedGift’s website ( and MedGift’s blog The MedGift Voice ( is for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. MedGift is not liable for any errors or omissions in content or liable for any and all damages arising from its use.

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Medgift support pages aren’t just about raising money, they are about finding the support you need to be successful in every aspect of caregiving.  Start a support page for yourself and your loved one HERE, or email us any time to let us know how we can help HERE.

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