Reduce Medical Expenses by Not Overpaying

Understanding the cost of medical treatment is a complicated subject that can be baffling to understand. As a result, we often overpay for the medical expenses resulting from a medical or health-related event. An important resource for raising money for medical expenses is yourself. When we ask for support through crowdfunding for medical expenses it’s important we ask for what we need while being respectful of those who provide support so it’s important we do not overpay. The article “20 Ways to Negotiate Your Bill” by Joseph Paturzo and Sarabeth Coatney describes the top 20 ways to avoid over-paying for medical-related services including tips on how to negotiate medical bills.

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MedGift Advocacy Services, a totally free, not for profit, 501c3 organization is focused on helping those undergoing a medical or health-related journey by being a complete resource for medical fundraising. Whether you need to crowdfund for medical expenses or stay in contact with your support community or coordinate support from friends and family start a MedGift Support Page today for yourself, a friend or a loved one by visiting our website

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Medgift support pages aren’t just about raising money, they are about finding the support you need to be successful in every aspect of caregiving.  Start a support page for yourself and your loved one HERE, or email us any time to let us know how we can help HERE.


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