Diem & Megan Brown

Diem & Megan Brown

I am Megan Brown, Diem Brown’s sister. Everyone grieves in different ways. However, I believe we all have one universal mission after the loss of a friend or loved one and that is to carry on their legacy ....

Jim Bodenbender

Jim has a broad range of experience in healthcare information technology and has spent the majority of his career leading the ideation, ...

Joe Hewitt

Joe's interest in using the web as a tool to help those undergoing medical related hardships began in 2009 when he created a web site to raise money to cover the cost of his friend's off-protocol medical treatments.


Mark Edelstein

"I want MedGift to be the most comprehensive single source of support that you can count on when you or someone close experiences a health related hardship.

"Skip the flowers and give the gift of support to those experiencing a health related hardship."


We will link those in need with those who care though our welcoming on-line community. MedGift is the safe place to understand how your friends and loved ones are feeling, and for you to learn how to best support them emotionally, physically, and financially, as they describe specifically how you can help them through their health or related hardship or need. We commit to remain focused on this singularity of purpose.


Our vision is to be the complete health advocacy resource for those experiencing health or related hardships and needs; providing support emotionally, physically and financially.


MedGift's founders are all tightly connected to the healthcare industry. Each share professional and personal experiences that have compelled them to join together as a team to create and offer MedGift. Our work at MedGift is driven by our WECARE core values and shared principles. WECARE thinking is at the center of every decision we make. Living out these values is what shapes the MedGift culture and keeps us true to our mission.







W - Welcoming

We present a warm and welcoming environment to those in need of our services and to those who choose to join our team

E - Excellence

We insist on quality and challenge each other to the highest level of achievement. We will take risk because we understand that innovation and growth comes from risk. But we will not compromise quality in doing so.

We want to provide a community for those in need to connect with those who want to help. We are compassionate about providing an environment where people do not feel isolated because of their hardship but instead feel they have a community of help behind them.

A - Accountability and Authenticity

We understand how important it is to do “the right thing for the right reason” and commit to transparency in our business and to be accountable to each other and our customers.

R - Respect and Reliability

We have the utmost respect for ourselves, our colleagues and those who are kind enough to share their stories through MedGift. We respect the opinions of those who use MedGift and aim to have our ear to the ground for new ways we can provide assistance to those in need.

E - Enthusiasm and Energy

A positive attitude coupled with boundless enthusiasm is what you can expect from each of us. MedGift was born out of the passion to provide help to those who feel hopeless and alone. We won’t stop until we have achieved our goal to create the best resource tool for those going through hardships.

MedGift Advocacy Services, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization, classified as a public charity and is registered in the State of Georgia under EIN 81-4017965.