how to raise money for a friend in need

When a close friend has been diagnosed with an illness or a chronic medical condition, it only makes sense that those closest to them would want to do everything possible to make that person feel better. Even though there may be little friends can do make the person feel better, they can take action and raise money for a friend who is sick. Just helping to reduce their financial burdens can alleviate stress. 

From emergency room visits to acute and long-term care, it does not take long for medical expenses to completely wipe out a person’s savings account. It can also leave a person with debt that can last for many years. 

Medical fundraising is a very powerful tool that when executed properly, can prevent medical bankruptcy and allow the sick person to focus on healing. Many people have used medical fundraisers to cover routine doctor visits, prescription costs and even procedures not generally covered by health insurance (i.e. gender confirmation surgery and IVF treatments.).

In addition, medical fundraisers can be utilized to raise money for:

The cost related to hospital stays

Cancer treatments

Medical bills

Unexpected personal expenses

Before delving deeper into the different ways someone can raise money for a friend who is sick, let’s take a look at some important tips to consider before starting a medical fundraising campaign. 

Be Sure To Title The Fundraiser Correctly

The title that is used for the medical fundraiser is very important. It will be the first thing that people will see, and is the best way to grab the public’s attention. The title will provide more information about why there is a need to raise money. In other words, the title should be quite specific. 

For example, “John’s Fundraiser” does not provide a lot of information about John or his medical condition. A more effective title would be “Help John’s Fight With MS.” 

There should also be a story with the fundraiser. This will provide the public with more information about what the sick person is going through. 

Even though it may be tempting to keep the story short and to the point, many people are more willing to donate if they understand the full scope of what a person is going through. To fully understand what the fundraiser’s beneficiary is going through physically, emotionally or financially; is more easily relatable.

If the decision is made to include a fundraiser story, include answers to questions such as:

– What happened to the person?

– How is the sickness affecting their daily life?

– Have any treatments been recommended?

– How will the money be used to help the sick friend?

Keep in mind, since these types of situations are so personal, only share the details the beneficiary is comfortable with sharing. 

Include Video And/or Photos If Possible

Unfortunately, due to the large number of scams that proliferate the country each year, it is important to use video and/or photos if possible. This will draw potential donors in, and make the medical fundraiser appear genuine to donors. People tend to feel more comfortable with giving, when they can put a face with a name or cause. 

It is important to use high-quality photos or videos of the sick friend. Although it may seem as though the sick friend would be placed in a vulnerable position by doing this, it is this type of vulnerability that will inspire people to donate to the cause. 

So with that being said, the following will provide more information about medical fundraising ideas; inexpensive medical fundraising ideas, different medical fundraising ideas for a friend and the best way to have a medical fundraiser. 

Medical Fundraising Ideas

With more and more people shopping online, why not take advantage of this and use technology to boost goals for the medical fundraiser? With Amazon Smile, it is easy to raise money for friends by encouraging other friends, family members and other supporters to take part in the fundraiser, and make purchases on Amazon.

Amazon’s Smile Program allows customers to make purchases through the Smile website, and 0.5% of the total purchase price of their order will be donated to the fundraiser. The only requirement, is that the fundraiser is registered with the online giant. 

Pink parties cover the medical expenses specifically for those with breast cancer. It is nothing more than a pink-themed party. This means that:

– Guests may be asked to wear pink

– Only pink foods and beverages are served

– The venue is decorated in pink

There are two ways to raise money for a friend with this type of event. Tickets can be purchased to attend the event, or donations can be collected during the event. 

This idea could be used for other types of medical fundraisers. For example, a red-themed party could be used for heart disease and prevention. 

A friend who is a yoga enthusiast or a yogini, could host a yoga class and raise money for the fundraiser by charging students for the class. In order for this medical fundraising idea to be successful, it is important that a free location is secured to host and teach the class. This can be accomplished by either having studio time donated, or by using someone’s back yard or home. 

Be sure that the event is promoted early enough in advance, and also provide information to the participants about the fundraiser. It is possible to raise more money by speaking about the fundraiser prior to the class, and leaving a few donation jars throughout the venue or studio. This is a popular fundraising idea because it also promotes healthy and natural living. 

Inexpensive Medical Fundraising Ideas

Despite what many people think, there is no need to spend a lot of money to get a medical fundraiser off the ground. The following are some inexpensive and even free fundraising ideas to consider, when raising money for a friend’s medical expenses. 

One idea is to host a “Do Without” or “Healthy Eating Challenge.” This is how it works. Challenge the network or supporters and the local community, to give up a bad habit for as long as the medical fundraiser is active. 

For some people, this may mean not stopping at the bar after work, or not eating fast food for lunch. The money not spent on the unhealthy habit, is then donated to the fundraiser. The great thing about this fundraiser is that it can last for as long as the host, or beneficiary wants it to. This means that the potential will be there to raise a lot of money with this fundraiser. 

Online days of giving have been trending on social media for years. In fact, a quick search of #GivingTuesday, will reveal how many people give during this national day of donating and charitable giving. There is no reason why a day of giving could not also be established online, to encourage donors to give to the medical fundraiser. 

This type of fundraiser works well because it creates both a sense of community and urgency. The supporters of the medical fundraiser will work together, to raise as much money as they can within a 24-hour period. 

Game nights are a great way to get friends together to relax and have fun, while playing some of their favorite board games. These gatherings can also double as a way to raise money for medical expenses. 

Game nights can be held on a weekly or monthly basis, and selling refreshments will increase the amount of donations received. 

Before promoting the game night to friends, family and supporters; be sure to have a range of different board games such as:







Medical Fundraising Ideas For A Friend

Are there any specific medical fundraising ideas that could be hosted for a sick friend? Absolutely. There are several fundraising ideas for people to consider, who want to raise money for a friend facing mounting medical bills. 

As previously mentioned, due to technology, activities that once required a person to leave their house can now be easily done in the comfort of their home. As long as they have a mobile device and an Internet connection, things can be quite simple. 

One of those activities is a Virtual 5K. 5K’s and other types of races are some of the most common types of medical fundraising events. The only requirements are some creativity, and the ability to get online. 

A virtual race allows people to still participate, even if they cannot be in the same location, or there are restrictions on the amount of people who can gather together in the same place (e.g. social distancing).

Runners are allowed to participate whenever they want, from whatever location they choose. In addition, there will be no need to worry about bad weather, or having to cancel or postpone the event. 

The only thing participants will need, is a way to measure their time and distance. Most runners use smartwatches, but there is also the option of using apps that can be downloaded to a smartphone. The top competitors should be named and recognized on social media platforms, as a way of saying thank you. 

Speaking of social media, there is also the option of having a Facebook Fundraiser. Social media is an excellent way to spread the message about your cause, and the fundraiser at the same time. 

The reason why this type of fundraiser is so effective on Facebook, is because the platform is so popular. There are over 1 billion users active on Facebook on any given day. This means that there is a high possibility that the fundraiser could go viral! 

Simply set up a page specifically for the medical fundraiser, and encourage everyone to share the page with others. Never underestimate how powerful social media can be, and the many ways it can positively affect the fundraising campaign.

Tips For Hosting A Fundraiser

During the process of raising money for a friend who is sick, hosting a formal charity/fundraising event may prove to be beneficial. But, how does one go about planning and promoting a medical charity or fundraising event? These following tips will help the event to be successful. 

Who is the target audience for the fundraiser, and what type of event would work best with that audience? For example, if the target audience is major businesses and corporations, etc., a silent auction or black tie gala may be more appropriate. On the other hand, if the target audience is family and friends, a car wash or bake sale may be more suitable for the donors. 

Using mobile software or a platform for fundraising, will help the host quickly make any changes needed. Online donation pages, keywords used to describe the event; etc, can all be quickly accessed. Using these tools will also make it much easier to keep track of donations, and stay informed as to how close the fundraiser is from reaching its goal.

Sponsors can also be very valuable when having a fundraiser for a sick friend. Do not be afraid to reach out to local and even national businesses. There may be some businesses that would be interested in sponsoring some, or even all of the event. 

When approaching businesses, always downplay the expected number of attendees. This way, they will be surprised when the attendance is higher than expected. 

Do not forget to create an expense budget and financial plan. Of course, both of these will be estimates, but it is possible to estimate the amount funding that is expected from ticket sales and sponsors. Also, estimate how much money the fundraiser is projected to bring in, based on the type of event and the different approaches (ticket sales, text keyword to donate, silent auction, etc.).

After that, create a comprehensive list of expenses that the event is expected to incur. The larger expenses can then be highlighted, and an emphasis can be placed on sponsors to contribute towards those expenses. 

Finally, use different social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Snapchat, to post videos and pre-event activities. Encourage followers and subscribers to participate in activities, and ask key speakers questions prior to the event. This will encourage anticipation for the event, and increase ticket sales. 

After meeting the fundraising goal that was set for medical expenses, send supporters and donors a thank you message. This should come from both the host and the beneficiary if possible. Also keeping supporters updated with the friend’s progress, (medical treatments, surgery, recovery and healing time, etc) will be a thoughtful and much appreciated courtesy.

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