The MedGift fundraiser and celebration of MedGift co-founder Diem Brown’s life was a rockum-sockum success. Check out PageSix’s article on the bash:

Diem Rumble Pic

Please join us in commemorating Diem’s birthday at Rumble Boxing representing all things D while fighting the good fight oh behalf of MedGift!

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Megan Glover MedGift Ambassador

Meagan Glover exemplifies all the wonderful traits our ambassadors share: empathy, sensitivity and how best to use MedGift’s unique capabilities.

Heather's Heroes Fundraiser

A MedGift support page for her friend Heather Morris, Heather’s supporters have contributed well over their goal of raising ten thousand dollars.

Faith Brown on Fox's Star

Faith Brown for rocks Fox’s Star television program about the music industry. Faith is the younger sister of MedGift co-founder and visionary Diem Brown



Kelly Hendrix and her three bike team will be riding in honor of our dear friend Diem Brown, MedGift cofounder and visionary.

MedGift Advocacy Services, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization, classified as a public charity and is registered in the State of Georgia under EIN 81-4017965.